Chris Blacker

Pianist, Composer, Singer-Songwriter

Finally getting to share some music from my CD-Release show back in November. This is "The Lightest Shade of Grey," live with Cody Rahn, Jeff Kerestes, Jake Owen, Kristina Semos, and Anna Volpe. Thanks to Gus Reed for the video!  

My song "Don't Let Me Leave You," live from Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, during "The Endless Chase" CD-release party.
An old favorite done live at Rockwood Stage 2 during The Endless Chase CD-release show.
"Moment Eternal" from my CD-release show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. Featuring Kristina Semos and Anna Volpe on the vocals, Cody Rahn on the drums, Jeff Kerestes on the bass, and Jake Owen on the guitar.
My song "From Thread to Thread," from The Endless Chase CD-release show at Rockwood Music Hall.
A small sampling of my work as a piano bar entertainer, shot at Vanessie in Santa Fe and at Uncle Charlie's in NYC.